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The AGLOCO Company announced last week their surfbar will be released this Monday (and Tuesday in Asia).

This is only a 2-3 months delay only. lol

Finally they released the Viewbar, but I can't imagine what are they did in the last monts!

The icon of the Viewbar looks awful. It's just a resized small "circle" icon. Terribly pixelized.
After the release their website becam offline, all their servers are overloaded. They have to restart the ads server. The Viewbar doesnt show any ads, it's freezing, became invisible and it has a lot of other problems.

Btw it doesn't count any hours!!!!

YES! It's a fully functioned Viewbar. Good job folks.

I hadn't thought AGLOCO is a scam until this,but now I dont know what should I think.

Noob icon, strongly beta version released,no ads in the viewbar, uncounted surf hours, more promisesfor the members.

I'm just wondering about how can a company get a lot of members without any product?

It looks like promises worths a lot!

Be promised, be scammed!:(

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High quality, consistent traffic through our Unique network.

Deliver targeted traffic prospects to your site from one penny per visitor. No software to download, no specific expertise required. Our Targeted Traffic Packages offer Guaranteed Targeted or Untargeted visitors to your website.

If you sell a product or service it stands to reason, as in any type of sales, that getting directly in front of a potential customer with your pitch is the only place to be.

  • Directly connect with specific audiences through custom titles and descriptions, like link title, URL, Description, keywords
  • Each keyword can have bid from 0.004 $ up to 1000$
  • Calculating how much you can afford to pay per click
  • Pay when targeted customers click through to your site.
  • Low Costs
  • Buy 250 click from = 0.015$/per visitor!!
  • Start your campaign immediately!
  • Free to join!
  • 50$ sign up bonus !! Try the system for free! Get 5000 free visitors!
  • If you are my Downline member you can get get discounts and better prices. Check the link below to join.
  • Promote any sites as you want if you are a Platinum member!!!
  • Upgraded Membership bonus up to 4000$
  • Various payment modes (Moneybookers, Paypal, Credit card, E-gold, AlertPay)

Click the button below and register. Its Free!

After You registered Contact me in email at or on ID 43166 with the internal message system. If you have any questions send me an email to

To try the system register a basic account first and go to Menu->Advertising and set up your Search Engine campaign!

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The Beta Program has a Membership Network Beta Program with several features. It works as a PPC search engine, but it has a little twist.

You can get credits and you can use them for buying stuffs in the shop, sell them to other members or use for to promote your site.

1 credit worths 1$!!

How to earn credits?

Signing up at these Trafficbrokers:

And sign up of course at the main site: DeQuba

You have a credit url at DeQuba, something like this:

Next log in to all your Traffic broker account and click My Link. Then click Create new URL. Paste your URL link from the PPC search engine. Check only Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States to maximize your earnings and then save.

Put your credit link into the Ougo browser and run it.

When you collect credits you can use them to promote your URL's. Some Members buy and resell credits, if you are getting involved in these kinds of activities, be very careful you lock in your credits first and wait for a payment from other party. Other party has exactly 30 days time to pay you before your credits are returned back to you. When you receive payment from the buyer, then you can release the credits to the buyer. If you were contacted by a buyer contact the buyer and try to get more information. Basic Members can't contact or transfer (sell/buy) credits because of fraud prevention.

When our Members earn SC they send usually useless traffic to us and they get credits. SC can be use for useful traffic which is send through our Search Engine. That means someone who want to sell credits is not depending just on Traffic Brokers. SC sellers can sell traffic to end users.

Read this article below for how to setup your Ougo browser.

This is the easiest money makeing opportunity at DeQuba, but you have more.

Read this how the credit system works.


The Dequba Beta Program is offers something different and more between Pay Per Click programs.

Affiliate Site promoted in DeQuba system brings high level of responses. Most of DeQuba Members are looking for Business Opportunities. With a solid Affiliate program some site can gain several thousand Affiliates through the night.

Auction Site selected in DeQuba account will expose your Merchandise to enormous amount of potential buyers who will bring bid much higher then the average Auction exposed just to bidders who have to search for it.

Car Sale Site created at DeQuba car sale section will be exposed to hundreds of thousands potential buyers daily.

Classified Ad Site set up for Merchandise or Services you are selling or buying will bring much higher response ratio.

Payment Processor Site you use to explain your customers how to process a payment online locally will be exposed to thousands of potential customers daily.

Personal Ad Site which helps you looking for a soul mate will be visible to potential matches.

Portfolio Site will be seen from casting directors, producers, managers, model scouts, and others from entertainment industry.

Press Release Site will help to expose the event, merger, new product or service and other announcements to hundred of thousands of people.

Real Estate Sale Site set up with pictures and information of Real Estate you are selling or buying will bring you more potential buyers in shorter time.

Resume Site prepared for potential Employers will give you higher chance to find a new job.

Services yet to come

Payment service will allow Members all over the world from any Country to pay any online service using their local payment options. Payment Services will have options of Paypal, E-gold and local bank mixed together. Payment services will offer permanent rewards for your referrals, which means in this case you'll get raw cash for your work. Any financial transaction your referrals will make you'll get percentage of it. Payment service will also offer total 100% bullet proof protection of credit sale with conditional payment where buyer and seller will lock in credits and payment and both will be released simultaneously.

Auctions will offer Members possibility to sell and buy through bidding system any legally allowed Services and/or Merchandise first six month free and after that for symbolic fee which will be again split between us and Members. Members will be paid with certain percentage of the fee for each transaction.

Cars will offer Members to buy and sell cars, motorbikes, yachts and other vehicles. Members will be able to collect the commission from car sales through their promotion page with their DeQuba ID. Commissions might be few hundreds of dollars per sale.

Real Estate will offer Members to buy and sell Real Estate. Members will be able to collect the commission from Real Estate ad posting through their promotion page with their DeQuba ID (commission from Real Estate is allowed only for Real Estate Agents, commission from posted ads is for every DeQuba Member).

Promotion Service will offer Members possibility to promote their Merchandise and Services."

Why would it be better than other single sites?

Becouse of the Affilite System. The Affiliate Program Offers to each Member opportunity to earn as an affiliate and as a referee through Payment Service. Member is rewarded from direct sales and from sales of his/her referrals down to 10th level.

You can make serious amount of Selling Credits and other comissions if you have an active downline.

Read how to run more than one Ougo to earn more credits.


"When you collect credits you can use them to promote your URL's. Some Members buy and resell credits, if you are getting involved in these kinds of activities, be very careful you lock in your credits first and wait for a payment from other party. Other party has exactly 30 days time to pay you before your credits are returned back to you. When you receive payment from the buyer, then you can release the credits to the buyer. If you were contacted by a buyer contact the buyer and try to get more information. Basic Members can't contact or transfer (sell/buy) credits because of fraud prevention.

When our Members earn Selling Credits (SC) they send usually useless traffic to us and they get credits. SC can be use for useful traffic which is send through our Search Engine. That means someone who want to sell credits is not depending just on Traffic Brokers. SC sellers can sell traffic to end users.

Members are getting credited 1.00 SC = $1.00, which means $0.01/click. Members can sell these credits for much higher because sold credits can be used to get traffic from quality source.

All Members who have credits value your credits because they are not useless. You'll be able to setup your own Traffic Sale in your own store, which you'll be able to promote and run as little business. You can develop your little business in something valuable.

In this case we are talking about SC and value of SC can vary from $1.00 per 1 BC and up. It's up to you how and to whom you will sell SC's. You decide how you will monetize what you have. You can sell SC's, or use them for your own Affiliate and Partnership programs."

In short:
your DeQuba credit link+Ougo browser= SC credits
You can sell your credits or use them in other services (promtoion, shop, etc.)

The real money at DeQuba is the buying credits (BC)

"Buying Credits (BC) are different kind of credits and are used the similar way as E-gold is using, gold, silver and platinum. We just simplify it and name it BC ' buying credits. In future if you will want to pay Membership, purchase Merchandise and/or Service in one of DeQuba stores, you will simply use BC's. How can you get BC's, similar way as e-gold with this difference, you don't need to search for Exchange but just use one of Processors"

You can get BC if you are make a deposit to your DeQuba account as the traffic brokers and the credit buyers do. They are who changeing your SC to BC. You can withdraw the BC's trough the payment processors.

There are some more interesting features at DeQuba.

If you are interested any of them join here.


The most known website monetizeing way is the Google adsense. You can see that advertizes on almost every pages.
You get paid after clicks. I guess everyone knows this system so it's enough to talk about it. I wanna show some other adverising and money makeing opportunities. Good if you wuld like to show something different on your site or just banned from adsense program without real reason as I read about a lot of people.

This is the main adsense alternative system. You can sell directly your ads places and you can inplement inline text link ads as well. You can link your Adbrite ads to your adsense ads.

Earn 70% rev share per click displaying keyword-targeted text ads. Choose from more than 6,000+ advertisers by keyword.

Adversal Publisher Network will buy 100% of your pop-under inventory every month so that you'll never have to worry about your ad space going unsold again. They pay up to $1.20 per 1,000 page views. That's equal to $6.00* per 1,000 unique visitors!

To join any of the following programs, you need serious traffic, but they pay well:

Text Link Ads
Text Link Ads are static html links that can drive targeted traffic and help your link popularity which is a top factor in organic search engine rankings.

Clicksor offers Inline Text, Links, Text Banners, In-page Graphical Banner, Pop-Unders, XML Feeds, Layer Ads, Search box ads.

With various ad types the publishers earn 75% of the revenue generated from all traffic sales both from Network Ads and Direct Sales Ads.

They are useing Contentlinks for adveritseing. These are in line text link ads, by mousing-over your linked keyword, a customer can see your text ad complete with logo or other graphic element.

Vibrant Media
Same method like the Kontera. Inline text link ads with a pop-up graphic element.

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Paid by reading emails

Posted In: , . By Valandir Ellow

Get paid to read emails! Sounds good? Not bad but how these programs work?

I bet you saw at least one advertise about the Get Paid To Read (GPTR) programs. These sites offers money for their members to read the advertises in email format. They never sending viruses, spams, all the emails are safe and you get money for reading them. Actually not for the reading. They are sending links in the emails and you have to click to the links and wait the needed seconds to get your account credited. If you use a tabed browser like Firefox you can open many emails in the same time. Only a few of them need to wait the timer count down before you open a new email.

How much emails you can read a day?

It depends on the number of the advertisers. More advertises more emails, more money.

How much money do I earn?

"Each advertiser pays a different amount per unique visit. These amounts change frequently so we cannot give an exact amount for each visit"

The real amount starting from 0.25c. The advertisers like to save money J so they are buying cheap emails. Lets count a bit. 0.25c per emails means you have to get 4 emails to earn 1c and need 400 emails to earn 1$. You won't be a millioner with these programs.

Than why does this program good for you? Why do I read emails for cents???

All the GPTR site offers affiliate programs. You can earn usually up to 5 levels after your referrals from 5% to 1%. One of the power is these programs is the downline! After you joined a program try to get as many referrals as you can.

What happens if I dont want to hunt people into my downline?

I have to say nothing. You can do these programs alone. After a month you should have some money in your account. You can spent that money for advertises. You can buy banner impressions, email ads, text link ads, sign ups etc. You will see it really worths.

Can I earn more money with GPTR programs or just with emails?

Sites offers alternative money makeing opportunities. Paid to click, paid to sign up, paid to promote and more programs. You can choose which is the best for you!

How to choose GPTR site?

I've registered more than 10 sites. In an average day I got more than 30 emails and it takes about 10 minutes to click them. So it depends on your free time how many sites you should sign up.

The biggest network is the MultiMoneyGroup. They have 11 sites with more than 165k members! Some members are same on different sites, but that is a really nice community.

The sites what I prefer from this network:


Monthly Payouts More than $10,000 to Members!

Great Advertising Options to reach a Lot of Members!

5 Referral Levels and No-Minimum Payout!!

Top 4,000 Worldwide Alex Ranking!

No minimum E-gold Payout!

Total Members 113,000+


Named to my 2 Kids Youri and Robin (makes YouRo)

$10 Payout and Many Options to Earn fast Payouts!

Great Toolbar to Earn $60 in Just weeks!!!

More than 2 Years Old Already!!


Very Unique Earning Concept!

Get Paid Daily for Doing Nothing just by Having MFS shares!

Earn Shares by clicking, signups, referrer and More!

Low $10 Payouts.


Launched March 7th 2006

Earn Cash By Clicking on links and Signup Offers!

Low 10 Cent Payout into E-gold

10% Referral Earnings and No Activity Needed!


My favourite from the network! The fastest money all of them!

No-Minimum Payout and Lots of Earnings Options!

Nice Bubble Game Included!

Daily a lot of Emails makes you Daily Money!

The earnings on the following sites I just use to redeem for advertising, but If you are from USA, Canada, Australia you can make nice with the sign up and other offers:


You can request payout once you have earned $ 1.00 so all you need is to complete 4 offers.


Members 6,844

Redeem from 20.000$, Each mail worths: $400-$800, Minimum payout fro free memebers from 400.000$

GlobalPaid Mail

Payout as low as $1.00 and payments are usually made within 24 hours!


Free members may
redeem their earnings for advertising!


$3000 sign-up bonus , $100 Referral Bonus, All emails worth $100 and $200, 5 Ref levels 20%,10%,5%,3%,1%

Check all my programs here!

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All the affiliate programs

Posted In: , . By Valandir Ellow

I have implemented my Blinklist sidebar to show my affiliate program links.
The Blinklist is an online bookmark with a spectacular thumbnails and link rate options.

All the links on the sidebar are affiliate links, but free programs!

If you would like to see all my links just use the Click Here to see all programs link.

I will make a detailed post about all the programs, but if you have questions feel free to email me.

To your success from me! :)

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The Paid Traffic Exchange programs are one of my favourites to make some pocket money with 5 mins daily autosurf. All you need to do to purchase some advertising packs and surf surf daily some websites. The surfing is automated. All the work is to log-in and click the autosurf menu.
So easy..I used to do this every morning during drinking my morning coffe. :)
The different programs offers different payout percentages for different periods. After you upgraded your account you can start the surfing instantly. After the time period you get get your earnings to your E-gold account.

You can add your site to the rotating system to get some traffic. This all this traffic is kinda trash so actually you wont get real visitors, but it will look good on your sitestat.

Will my money be at risk?
Yes. Membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstance. It is intended to keep the program operating for as long as possible, while interest remains. Please do take note. As with all money making opportunities, there is a certain element of risk in it. In any money making opportunity, if the company is healthy and growing, your money will grow more and more. If the company goes bust, your money is lost. By telling you this, we may lose you as a potential customer but we would rather make sure that you are fully aware of these things.

So just be carefull and never invest too much money! Less profit less risk, but if you like gamble sometime just go for it:)

The PromiseSurfing is a very good for start. 1 upgrade unit costs 0.6$ and now you can buy up to 5 unit. Low money but low risk.

Coastin88 and the CepCoast belongs to the same network, but both of them are trustable. You can earn up to 130%, the minimum invest is 5$/advertise pack. They are useing the CepTrust payment system, but dont worry about it. Free to use, free to register and you can fund your account with your E-gold for $0.01 fee. You can invest up to $7500 so just carefully.

The X16PowerSurf is a brand new paid traffic exchange program. It gives 10$ bonus for the signup and you can buy upgrades up 3000 units for 10$/unit. They pay 10% daily for 16 days. E-gold, E-bullion and Alertpay are accepted.

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This is the next part of the Link MLM.

John Chow is the man who do this business the best way.

Everybody can learn how to make money online with a "single" blog. If you review his blog he will link to your site.

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What is the Google pagerank?
"PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value."

If you think a bit you have to realize this rank structure is absulutely not democratic.

This is the Multi Level Marketing system of the links!

The Google uses its own system to ranking the websites. What does it mean exactly? You have to opimize your site for the Google system.
As the the business owner wishes!
All the other pages working like a member of an MLM system. They are selling the "pruducts". The site owners think that the "product" is their site, but absulutely not. All which worths on a site is the traffic and the pagerank in search engines. This is the real product what you are selling.
How can you sell more? Through links. More links to your site from others you will get higher pagerank, that means you get more traffic, that means you can sell the content of your site to more people.

Let's count the ranks.

1st: Pagerank, search engine rank <- this is the real product (the owner of the MLM business)
2nd: Google pagerank system couses that the sites linking to each other (MLM members)
3rd: more links more traffic, higher rank (affiliate system)
4th: product of your site(the bootm of the ladder) big fish eats small fish :) But is this bad for us?

In this case absolutely not becouse you can enter to the MLM system in a nice position. You can join for free to the page rank contest of Kumiko's Cash Quest and can win 30$. She has a nice pink blog and I bet she will reach the high 5th of 10 Google page rank soon.

Can this sytem make sense? I guess yes. Just always need one more member who write a post with links. :)

I'm gonna post this article on my How to make a working blog also.

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What is AGLOCO™ all about?

AGLOCO™ is the first Internet based economic network, which enables you as a Member to Get your share of the Internet. Advertiser's, search companies, online merchants and other businesses currently pay lots of companies to deliver people like you to them for attention and commerce.

Can I make money at home with AGLOCO™?

With AGLOCO™ they will be paying YOUR company. AGLOCO™ is also a global community of Internet users whose active Members can paid for all their online activity. By downloading our proprietary Viewbar™ technology, members benefit from engaging content tailored to their interests. AGLOCO™ also pays its members to refer their friends to the community (and for those friends to refer more friends through four levels of extended referrals.)

* A user who has no referrals should receive ownership in AGLOCO worth about $150 plus monthly cash distributions.
* The average value of an AGLOCO user’s referral network should be $30 each in ownership shares plus the referrer’s share of monthly cash distribution.
* The average AGLOCO direct referral should be worth in excess of $3,000 each.
* The monthly cash distributions should be between $5 and $15 a month per user.

A member who signs up nobody but just surf the maximum five hours per month should make $5 to $15 per month. The number will depend on the size of the user base and state of the Internet advertising market. The question this brings up is would people surf the Net with a toolbar for $5 to $15 per month? Well, millions of people surf the Internet right now with a Google or Alexa toolbar for $0 per month. Imagine what they would do if they got paid for it.

For the 20% of the membership who will build AGLOCO, I can say the deal we’re getting this time around is much better than the old AllAdvatage deal. Not only will you be making money from your referral network but you’ll also be getting ownership in the company that could worth $30 for every referral you have (based on 2 million users). The bigger the user base gets, the more your ownership per referral is worth.

The viewbar, which is what will be displaying the adverts is not available as yet - They say on the site that it will be launching next month.


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Everyone can make money at home with the

They pay for every unique views their banner.
The starting price is 7$ for 10000 unique views.
They Count unique IPs Every 24 Hours.
You only put the short one line banner code on your page(s) and start to make money at home.
10% Referral Earnings.
The payments are on request at everyday.
1$ payout minimum by E-gold.
Friendly support service.
Everybody who works with us is satisfied.
Join Here

To put the banner to you site is very easy. Just copy the code from the box on the members page and put as a html/javascrip into your blog or your site.

Click Here to see more programs.

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Do you think Dequba is a scam becouse they give 1000$ away for free?
This is the way how they can give the money for free.

You get 50 credits while signing up for basic account, just to get the taste how to use them. If you signup as Platinum Member you'll get 1,000 credits. Most of people ask how can they afford giving away 1,000 credits having $1,000.00 value. It's strange and weird for average observer but it's sophisticated system which allows them to give away credits and not lose money. How? Let me explain!

Member who signs as Platinum Member gets 1,000 credits. These credits are used or sold to other members. There are two kinds of credits selling (SC) and buying credits (BC). This combination allows at Fee of 0.6% - 1.9% to compensate amounts like that. Fee is charged when you are using their Payment Processing System or when you are withdrawing your commission fee. Given credits are also compensated through activities of all Members who are gathering credits through different activities. Yes, you are making for thousand produced credits 6 � 19 credits for them. These credits are stored and compensated on their side to cover 1,000 give away. It's complicated but it works. They are not magicians to create credits from nowhere; all they do is optimizing them to the fullest.

Members can monetize credits at partner sites after they are Platinum Members which takes at least 60 days (fraud prevention). Members can sell credits to brokers; they won't even deal with Basic Members because of it being too high risk. It's the same rule; they must be Platinum Members for at least 60 days. All Members can use (in the future) credits to get Merchandise and/or Services. You can see benefits which are limited per Membership. Unfortunately we reward only Platinum Members with the opportunity to Transfer credits, contact other Platinum Members and sell credits. They have to do that for Platinum members only because we can't track Basic Members and we can't prevent fraud.

Join to Dequba and make money at home!

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If you don't want to register all the traffic broker sites let me share a tip how to maximize your profit at Dequba.

Step 1:
Only sign up in Neterminator and Dequba.

Step 2:
Upgrade your Dequba account (costs 36$ for a year).
Not necessary at the start, but you can transfer credits only to an upgraded account.
After you upgrade you got 1000 cretits wich you can monetize later, worth 1000$. Do you think this can't be true? I thik it is. Read this post how can dequba 1000$ give away for free.

Step 3:
Put your Neterminator link into the Ougo browser, but not else.
Stop all your links in the "My link" menu (otherwise you will spend your credits for traffic).

Step 4:
Run more than one Ougo at the same time with six window and collect the credits in your Neterminator account.

Once you connect your account with you'll be able to transfer credits using only these two accounts.

At DeQuba you can use your credits or monetize them. Credits are evaluated 100 credits = $1.00 and will be transferred as such. Be aware, you have to be Member at DeQuba for certain amount of time to monetize credits (fraud prevention).

You can collect more than 10.000 credits (100$ at Dequba) without any referalls.

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Here comes some really important Special Tips for the Ougo browser and search engines.

How to surf with more than one OUGO ?

1. Open the Control Panel and open User accounts. After that click on Create a new account , and type a name that you want to that account (use a simple name, for ex: Ougo or Surf) and click on Next. Select Computer Administrator (dont selected Limited!!). Then click on Create Account . At the bottom of the window it will display the list of the accounts of the computer. Click on the account that you have just created and then click on Create a password. Type any password you want, use short password (ex: 321 or abc), and in the Password Tip field type anything or the type the password again. Then click on Create password . Now close that window..

2. Go to the directory that you have installed the Ougo Browser, probably it is "C:\Program Files\OUGOMessenger", and then create a shortcut to the file browser.exe. Right click on the created shortcut and then click on Porperties. Go to the Shortcut tab , click on the button Advanced. In the little window that was openned, check the option Run with different credencials. Click on OK and close the Shortcut properties window.

3. Now, to make it organized, rename that shortcut to Ougo - With another user.

4. When you open that shortcut, it will appear a new window asking an Username and a Password. Select the user that you have created and type the password . Click on OK and it will open an normal Ougo.

With that shortcut you can open as many ougos as you want. I open 5 Ougos. Dont exaggerate, because like you may have noticed the Ougo browser crashes after some hours. Imagine with 5 ougos openned at the same time

How to block the adult sites/viruses sites using a windows file?

1. Click on Start, Run and then type notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

2. Then it will open a file using the notepad.

3. Go to the last line and add/paste the following lines:

# Ougo

4. Now, Close and Save the file.

Important: Note that after doing this you will realize that will appear sometimes windows telling that couldnt open a page. It will happen, because the site that you were redirected was blocked, but dont worry, you will keep earning credits in the trafficbrokers, because when the surf redirects you to those links, your credit have been credited to your account.

Reminders about the previous posts:
Make Money at home part 1

Make Money at Home part 2

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Signup to some Pay Per Click search engine affiliate programs that offers a search portal.

It's PTP

6. Next log in to your Neterminator account and click My Link. Then click Create new URL. Paste your portal URL from the PPC search engines. Check only Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States to maximize your earnings and then save. Do the same with the other two traffic accounts. These will be approved within 24 hours, once approved select and change the state to Started. Your portal will now be put in rotation and you will start make MONEY at home!.

You can earn up to 5$ a day surfing without referrals (you just have to use my tips below). But if you want to earn more than this, you just have to make your own downline. The traffic exchange sites mentioned above have a deep downline system of 10 levels! You can earn so much more than 5$ a day with just some direct referrals in your downline. Take a look at this image and you will see how much can you earn with just some referrals in the first level.

If you missed something read the Make Money at home part 1 again.

For Some hints Read Make Money at Home part 3

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A great income opportunity which is free to join and earns for you 24 hours a day!
You can make money at home easily!

Here's an overview of how the system works. You sign up to a few traffic brokers that can generate a massive amount of click through traffic. Send all these clicks to a Pay Per Click search engine portal to Reconvert it to cash. Build and grow your traffic and PPC downline and your earnings will follow.

New search engines and new websites have to compete with some pretty tough competition, in the form of Google, Yahoo, MSN and the like. The goal of every webmaster is to get Alexa ratings and Page Ranks for the sites up as high as possible as quickly as possible. "Time Is Money", as they say! The traffic brokers offer this system as a way to shorten the amount of time it would take for these sites to raise their Page Ranks and Alexa Ratings. This is why the PPC search engine owners, are more than willing to pay you to provide traffic to their site.

It's really very simple;

1. Begin by signing up at these Trafficbrokers.


Log in to your account and you will see something like this:

2. Download and install the browser.

3. Start the Ougo Browser.
Click Tools, Developers, Analyst, Act, Setup.

When you click on Setup a little window will appear where you will paste your Autosurf URL from the three traffic brokers above, one under the other.
It looks like this (instead of XXXX you'll see your ID number), then click on OK. Note that if The list of URL Sets is empty you must click Append to create a new set.

4. Then click in Ougo Browser Tools, Developers, Analyst, Six. You'll start the six window rotation and start earning credits. Surf as much as you can to get more credits. More credits means more MONEY for you!

Read the next step here:
Make Money at home part 2

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