The AGLOCO Company announced last week their surfbar will be released this Monday (and Tuesday in Asia).

This is only a 2-3 months delay only. lol

Finally they released the Viewbar, but I can't imagine what are they did in the last monts!

The icon of the Viewbar looks awful. It's just a resized small "circle" icon. Terribly pixelized.
After the release their website becam offline, all their servers are overloaded. They have to restart the ads server. The Viewbar doesnt show any ads, it's freezing, became invisible and it has a lot of other problems.

Btw it doesn't count any hours!!!!

YES! It's a fully functioned Viewbar. Good job folks.

I hadn't thought AGLOCO is a scam until this,but now I dont know what should I think.

Noob icon, strongly beta version released,no ads in the viewbar, uncounted surf hours, more promisesfor the members.

I'm just wondering about how can a company get a lot of members without any product?

It looks like promises worths a lot!

Be promised, be scammed!:(

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