If you don't want to register all the traffic broker sites let me share a tip how to maximize your profit at Dequba.

Step 1:
Only sign up in Neterminator and Dequba.

Step 2:
Upgrade your Dequba account (costs 36$ for a year).
Not necessary at the start, but you can transfer credits only to an upgraded account.
After you upgrade you got 1000 cretits wich you can monetize later, worth 1000$. Do you think this can't be true? I thik it is. Read this post how can dequba 1000$ give away for free.

Step 3:
Put your Neterminator link into the Ougo browser, but not else.
Stop all your links in the "My link" menu (otherwise you will spend your credits for traffic).

Step 4:
Run more than one Ougo at the same time with six window and collect the credits in your Neterminator account.

Once you connect your Neterminator.com account with DeQuba.com you'll be able to transfer credits using only these two accounts.

At DeQuba you can use your credits or monetize them. Credits are evaluated 100 credits = $1.00 and will be transferred as such. Be aware, you have to be Member at DeQuba for certain amount of time to monetize credits (fraud prevention).

You can collect more than 10.000 credits (100$ at Dequba) without any referalls.

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