Here comes some really important Special Tips for the Ougo browser and search engines.

How to surf with more than one OUGO ?

1. Open the Control Panel and open User accounts. After that click on Create a new account , and type a name that you want to that account (use a simple name, for ex: Ougo or Surf) and click on Next. Select Computer Administrator (dont selected Limited!!). Then click on Create Account . At the bottom of the window it will display the list of the accounts of the computer. Click on the account that you have just created and then click on Create a password. Type any password you want, use short password (ex: 321 or abc), and in the Password Tip field type anything or the type the password again. Then click on Create password . Now close that window..

2. Go to the directory that you have installed the Ougo Browser, probably it is "C:\Program Files\OUGOMessenger", and then create a shortcut to the file browser.exe. Right click on the created shortcut and then click on Porperties. Go to the Shortcut tab , click on the button Advanced. In the little window that was openned, check the option Run with different credencials. Click on OK and close the Shortcut properties window.

3. Now, to make it organized, rename that shortcut to Ougo - With another user.

4. When you open that shortcut, it will appear a new window asking an Username and a Password. Select the user that you have created and type the password . Click on OK and it will open an normal Ougo.

With that shortcut you can open as many ougos as you want. I open 5 Ougos. Dont exaggerate, because like you may have noticed the Ougo browser crashes after some hours. Imagine with 5 ougos openned at the same time

How to block the adult sites/viruses sites using a windows file?

1. Click on Start, Run and then type notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

2. Then it will open a file using the notepad.

3. Go to the last line and add/paste the following lines:

# Ougo

4. Now, Close and Save the file.

Important: Note that after doing this you will realize that will appear sometimes windows telling that couldnt open a page. It will happen, because the site that you were redirected was blocked, but dont worry, you will keep earning credits in the trafficbrokers, because when the surf redirects you to those links, your credit have been credited to your account.

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