Signup to some Pay Per Click search engine affiliate programs that offers a search portal.

It's PTP

6. Next log in to your Neterminator account and click My Link. Then click Create new URL. Paste your portal URL from the PPC search engines. Check only Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States to maximize your earnings and then save. Do the same with the other two traffic accounts. These will be approved within 24 hours, once approved select and change the state to Started. Your portal will now be put in rotation and you will start make MONEY at home!.

You can earn up to 5$ a day surfing without referrals (you just have to use my tips below). But if you want to earn more than this, you just have to make your own downline. The traffic exchange sites mentioned above have a deep downline system of 10 levels! You can earn so much more than 5$ a day with just some direct referrals in your downline. Take a look at this image and you will see how much can you earn with just some referrals in the first level.

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