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Here's an overview of how the system works. You sign up to a few traffic brokers that can generate a massive amount of click through traffic. Send all these clicks to a Pay Per Click search engine portal to Reconvert it to cash. Build and grow your traffic and PPC downline and your earnings will follow.

New search engines and new websites have to compete with some pretty tough competition, in the form of Google, Yahoo, MSN and the like. The goal of every webmaster is to get Alexa ratings and Page Ranks for the sites up as high as possible as quickly as possible. "Time Is Money", as they say! The traffic brokers offer this system as a way to shorten the amount of time it would take for these sites to raise their Page Ranks and Alexa Ratings. This is why the PPC search engine owners, are more than willing to pay you to provide traffic to their site.

It's really very simple;

1. Begin by signing up at these Trafficbrokers.


Log in to your account and you will see something like this:

2. Download and install the Ougo.com browser.

3. Start the Ougo Browser.
Click Tools, Developers, Analyst, Act, Setup.

When you click on Setup a little window will appear where you will paste your Autosurf URL from the three traffic brokers above, one under the other.
It looks like this http://neterminator.com/red.php?ID=XXXX (instead of XXXX you'll see your ID number), then click on OK. Note that if The list of URL Sets is empty you must click Append to create a new set.

4. Then click in Ougo Browser Tools, Developers, Analyst, Six. You'll start the six window rotation and start earning credits. Surf as much as you can to get more credits. More credits means more MONEY for you!

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