What is the Google pagerank?
"PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value."

If you think a bit you have to realize this rank structure is absulutely not democratic.

This is the Multi Level Marketing system of the links!

The Google uses its own system to ranking the websites. What does it mean exactly? You have to opimize your site for the Google system.
As the the business owner wishes!
All the other pages working like a member of an MLM system. They are selling the "pruducts". The site owners think that the "product" is their site, but absulutely not. All which worths on a site is the traffic and the pagerank in search engines. This is the real product what you are selling.
How can you sell more? Through links. More links to your site from others you will get higher pagerank, that means you get more traffic, that means you can sell the content of your site to more people.

Let's count the ranks.

1st: Pagerank, search engine rank <- this is the real product (the owner of the MLM business)
2nd: Google pagerank system couses that the sites linking to each other (MLM members)
3rd: more links more traffic, higher rank (affiliate system)
4th: product of your site(the bootm of the ladder) big fish eats small fish :) But is this bad for us?

In this case absolutely not becouse you can enter to the MLM system in a nice position. You can join for free to the page rank contest of Kumiko's Cash Quest and can win 30$. She has a nice pink blog and I bet she will reach the high 5th of 10 Google page rank soon.

Can this sytem make sense? I guess yes. Just always need one more member who write a post with links. :)

I'm gonna post this article on my How to make a working blog also.

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