Get paid to read emails! Sounds good? Not bad but how these programs work?

I bet you saw at least one advertise about the Get Paid To Read (GPTR) programs. These sites offers money for their members to read the advertises in email format. They never sending viruses, spams, all the emails are safe and you get money for reading them. Actually not for the reading. They are sending links in the emails and you have to click to the links and wait the needed seconds to get your account credited. If you use a tabed browser like Firefox you can open many emails in the same time. Only a few of them need to wait the timer count down before you open a new email.

How much emails you can read a day?

It depends on the number of the advertisers. More advertises more emails, more money.

How much money do I earn?

"Each advertiser pays a different amount per unique visit. These amounts change frequently so we cannot give an exact amount for each visit"

The real amount starting from 0.25c. The advertisers like to save money J so they are buying cheap emails. Lets count a bit. 0.25c per emails means you have to get 4 emails to earn 1c and need 400 emails to earn 1$. You won't be a millioner with these programs.

Than why does this program good for you? Why do I read emails for cents???

All the GPTR site offers affiliate programs. You can earn usually up to 5 levels after your referrals from 5% to 1%. One of the power is these programs is the downline! After you joined a program try to get as many referrals as you can.

What happens if I dont want to hunt people into my downline?

I have to say nothing. You can do these programs alone. After a month you should have some money in your account. You can spent that money for advertises. You can buy banner impressions, email ads, text link ads, sign ups etc. You will see it really worths.

Can I earn more money with GPTR programs or just with emails?

Sites offers alternative money makeing opportunities. Paid to click, paid to sign up, paid to promote and more programs. You can choose which is the best for you!

How to choose GPTR site?

I've registered more than 10 sites. In an average day I got more than 30 emails and it takes about 10 minutes to click them. So it depends on your free time how many sites you should sign up.

The biggest network is the MultiMoneyGroup. They have 11 sites with more than 165k members! Some members are same on different sites, but that is a really nice community.

The sites what I prefer from this network:


Monthly Payouts More than $10,000 to Members!

Great Advertising Options to reach a Lot of Members!

5 Referral Levels and No-Minimum Payout!!

Top 4,000 Worldwide Alex Ranking!

No minimum E-gold Payout!

Total Members 113,000+


Named to my 2 Kids Youri and Robin (makes YouRo)

$10 Payout and Many Options to Earn fast Payouts!

Great Toolbar to Earn $60 in Just weeks!!!

More than 2 Years Old Already!!


Very Unique Earning Concept!

Get Paid Daily for Doing Nothing just by Having MFS shares!

Earn Shares by clicking, signups, referrer and More!

Low $10 Payouts.


Launched March 7th 2006

Earn Cash By Clicking on links and Signup Offers!

Low 10 Cent Payout into E-gold

10% Referral Earnings and No Activity Needed!


My favourite from the network! The fastest money all of them!

No-Minimum Payout and Lots of Earnings Options!

Nice Bubble Game Included!

Daily a lot of Emails makes you Daily Money!

The earnings on the following sites I just use to redeem for advertising, but If you are from USA, Canada, Australia you can make nice with the sign up and other offers:


You can request payout once you have earned $ 1.00 so all you need is to complete 4 offers.


Members 6,844

Redeem from 20.000$, Each mail worths: $400-$800, Minimum payout fro free memebers from 400.000$

GlobalPaid Mail

Payout as low as $1.00 and payments are usually made within 24 hours!


Free members may
redeem their earnings for advertising!


$3000 sign-up bonus , $100 Referral Bonus, All emails worth $100 and $200, 5 Ref levels 20%,10%,5%,3%,1%

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