"When you collect credits you can use them to promote your URL's. Some Members buy and resell credits, if you are getting involved in these kinds of activities, be very careful you lock in your credits first and wait for a payment from other party. Other party has exactly 30 days time to pay you before your credits are returned back to you. When you receive payment from the buyer, then you can release the credits to the buyer. If you were contacted by a buyer contact the buyer and try to get more information. Basic Members can't contact or transfer (sell/buy) credits because of fraud prevention.

When our Members earn Selling Credits (SC) they send usually useless traffic to us and they get credits. SC can be use for useful traffic which is send through our Search Engine. That means someone who want to sell credits is not depending just on Traffic Brokers. SC sellers can sell traffic to end users.

Members are getting credited 1.00 SC = $1.00, which means $0.01/click. Members can sell these credits for much higher because sold credits can be used to get traffic from quality source.

All Members who have credits value your credits because they are not useless. You'll be able to setup your own Traffic Sale in your own store, which you'll be able to promote and run as little business. You can develop your little business in something valuable.

In this case we are talking about SC and value of SC can vary from $1.00 per 1 BC and up. It's up to you how and to whom you will sell SC's. You decide how you will monetize what you have. You can sell SC's, or use them for your own Affiliate and Partnership programs."

In short:
your DeQuba credit link+Ougo browser= SC credits
You can sell your credits or use them in other services (promtoion, shop, etc.)

The real money at DeQuba is the buying credits (BC)

"Buying Credits (BC) are different kind of credits and are used the similar way as E-gold is using, gold, silver and platinum. We just simplify it and name it BC ' buying credits. In future if you will want to pay Membership, purchase Merchandise and/or Service in one of DeQuba stores, you will simply use BC's. How can you get BC's, similar way as e-gold with this difference, you don't need to search for Exchange but just use one of Processors"

You can get BC if you are make a deposit to your DeQuba account as the traffic brokers and the credit buyers do. They are who changeing your SC to BC. You can withdraw the BC's trough the payment processors.

There are some more interesting features at DeQuba.

If you are interested any of them join here.