The Dequba Beta Program is offers something different and more between Pay Per Click programs.

Affiliate Site promoted in DeQuba system brings high level of responses. Most of DeQuba Members are looking for Business Opportunities. With a solid Affiliate program some site can gain several thousand Affiliates through the night.

Auction Site selected in DeQuba account will expose your Merchandise to enormous amount of potential buyers who will bring bid much higher then the average Auction exposed just to bidders who have to search for it.

Car Sale Site created at DeQuba car sale section will be exposed to hundreds of thousands potential buyers daily.

Classified Ad Site set up for Merchandise or Services you are selling or buying will bring much higher response ratio.

Payment Processor Site you use to explain your customers how to process a payment online locally will be exposed to thousands of potential customers daily.

Personal Ad Site which helps you looking for a soul mate will be visible to potential matches.

Portfolio Site will be seen from casting directors, producers, managers, model scouts, and others from entertainment industry.

Press Release Site will help to expose the event, merger, new product or service and other announcements to hundred of thousands of people.

Real Estate Sale Site set up with pictures and information of Real Estate you are selling or buying will bring you more potential buyers in shorter time.

Resume Site prepared for potential Employers will give you higher chance to find a new job.

Services yet to come

Payment service will allow Members all over the world from any Country to pay any online service using their local payment options. Payment Services will have options of Paypal, E-gold and local bank mixed together. Payment services will offer permanent rewards for your referrals, which means in this case you'll get raw cash for your work. Any financial transaction your referrals will make you'll get percentage of it. Payment service will also offer total 100% bullet proof protection of credit sale with conditional payment where buyer and seller will lock in credits and payment and both will be released simultaneously.

Auctions will offer Members possibility to sell and buy through bidding system any legally allowed Services and/or Merchandise first six month free and after that for symbolic fee which will be again split between us and Members. Members will be paid with certain percentage of the fee for each transaction.

Cars will offer Members to buy and sell cars, motorbikes, yachts and other vehicles. Members will be able to collect the commission from car sales through their promotion page with their DeQuba ID. Commissions might be few hundreds of dollars per sale.

Real Estate will offer Members to buy and sell Real Estate. Members will be able to collect the commission from Real Estate ad posting through their promotion page with their DeQuba ID (commission from Real Estate is allowed only for Real Estate Agents, commission from posted ads is for every DeQuba Member).

Promotion Service will offer Members possibility to promote their Merchandise and Services."

Why would it be better than other single sites?

Becouse of the Affilite System. The Affiliate Program Offers to each Member opportunity to earn as an affiliate and as a referee through Payment Service. Member is rewarded from direct sales and from sales of his/her referrals down to 10th level.

You can make serious amount of Selling Credits and other comissions if you have an active downline.

Read how to run more than one Ougo to earn more credits.