The Paid Traffic Exchange programs are one of my favourites to make some pocket money with 5 mins daily autosurf. All you need to do to purchase some advertising packs and surf surf daily some websites. The surfing is automated. All the work is to log-in and click the autosurf menu.
So easy..I used to do this every morning during drinking my morning coffe. :)
The different programs offers different payout percentages for different periods. After you upgraded your account you can start the surfing instantly. After the time period you get get your earnings to your E-gold account.

You can add your site to the rotating system to get some traffic. This all this traffic is kinda trash so actually you wont get real visitors, but it will look good on your sitestat.

Will my money be at risk?
Yes. Membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstance. It is intended to keep the program operating for as long as possible, while interest remains. Please do take note. As with all money making opportunities, there is a certain element of risk in it. In any money making opportunity, if the company is healthy and growing, your money will grow more and more. If the company goes bust, your money is lost. By telling you this, we may lose you as a potential customer but we would rather make sure that you are fully aware of these things.

So just be carefull and never invest too much money! Less profit less risk, but if you like gamble sometime just go for it:)

The PromiseSurfing is a very good for start. 1 upgrade unit costs 0.6$ and now you can buy up to 5 unit. Low money but low risk.

Coastin88 and the CepCoast belongs to the same network, but both of them are trustable. You can earn up to 130%, the minimum invest is 5$/advertise pack. They are useing the CepTrust payment system, but dont worry about it. Free to use, free to register and you can fund your account with your E-gold for $0.01 fee. You can invest up to $7500 so just carefully.

The X16PowerSurf is a brand new paid traffic exchange program. It gives 10$ bonus for the signup and you can buy upgrades up 3000 units for 10$/unit. They pay 10% daily for 16 days. E-gold, E-bullion and Alertpay are accepted.

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